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24 октября
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Project Control Coordinator

Опыт работы от 6 лет, высшее образование, полная занятость
до 200 000 руб./месяц

The position of a Project Control Coordinator is opened in one of the world’s key contractors for delivering engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities. The company realizes some of the world’s most demanding projects as a preferred partner for oil and gas operators, industrial companies and other engineering and fabrication contractors. The company is headquartered in EU.

Current Projects include Moscow refinery plant, new LNG plant construction in Arctic region, etc.

Main Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

· Monitor the progress of the Russian Design Institute (RDI) and highlight, with the support of Company’s Offices, which are the critical areas for the design documentation that RDI has to produce;

· Interface with the other Company’s offices involved to give the priorities to the Subcontractor;

· Expedite the documentation that Company sends to RDI for them to translate and verify their compliance to the Russian regulations/PROEKT requirements;

· Monitoring and facilitations the communication between the Company’s offices and RDI in order to achieve a proper performance of the implementation chain through the Engineering groups involved;

· Supervise and ensure the coherence between the scheduling systems of teh RDI and Company;

· Organise Weekly and Monthly meetings with RDI;

· Being a focal point for an engineering and interdisciplinary discussions between Engineering center and RDI;

· Perform status and progress analisys reports for Project Manager;

Provide all necessary support for organisatoin of the efficient information flow process between RDI and Engineering Center and PM Office.

Key Requirements

· Higher education (technical degree);

· Required experience in Oil & Gas Projects;

· 8 years of experience in Engineering;

· Mechanical outfitting engineering experience;

· Experience in the Proekt Documentazi;

Good English skills

Working Conditions

Challenging work tasks in an expansive international company;

Office located in Volgograd;

Relocation to Volgograd (no rotation schedule);

Standard 5-day work week;

Mobilization date: ASAP;

1-year contract duration with the possible prolongation;

Salary: 200 000 RUR per month (gross)

The company doesn’t provide any relocation package, the employee pays the accommodation and transportation by him/herself.

  • Английский язык (разговорный)


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Вакансия в архиве
№ 34632603
24 октября
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